Sound design

Creation of the musical design of your videos & podcasts. We also ensure the recording of voice overs to enhance the impact of your communication.

Create the sound design of your audiovisual and podcast content with our network of sound professionals.

Sound design for your communication.

Reinforce the impact of your commercials, corporate films, and podcasts with a personalized sound system. Getasound will take care of your project by creating the musical design of your content and recording voice-overs adapted to your message.

A Unique Sound Design for your Videos

One out of two Internet users watches more than 1 hour of video per week. It is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd and capture the attention of viewers.

Opt for a personalized sound system to reinforce the impact of your productions.

Don’t waste time searching for a musical catalog : your creation is unique and adaptable to your content !
Entrust our network of sound professionals with the musical and sound design of your audiovisual productions.
Getasound ensures the sound design of your podcasts for a more impactful communication that is consistent with your brand.

Sound design of your podcasts.

Make a true audio brand content out of your podcast. Add an audio signature to your podcast and personalized music to create a real sound universe specific to your brand.

Getasound ensures the sound design of your podcasts by creating elements for your audio branding: credits, musical commas, and personalized music.

You can also entrust our audio professionals with the sound design of your episodes.

50% of clients feel more connected to the brand when it uses music in its communication.

Getasound’s Benefits


Direct contact with the composer reduces the number of intermediates. And also the price !


Done with over-exploited musical catalogs. Your music is unique and exclusive ! 

Satisfied or refunded

Choose between multiple unique creations. If nothing suits you, you will be refunded !

Disover our sound design creations.

Are you an audiovisual agency ?

Develop your offer by adding personalized sound design to your creations. Increase efficiency by entrusting your audio production to our network of composers .