Add sound design to your voicebot !

Offer a true vocal and sound experience to your listeners on Amazon Alexa & Google Home.

Create an unique voicebot

Voicebots (Alexa: Amazon or Google Assistant) redefine the interaction between the brand and its clients.

Choose sonic and vocal identities in order to be clearly identified. Mark your difference by offering a unique sound universe faithful to your brand territory.

Sonic branding is essential to develop an experience coherent with the brand on its voicebot !
The sound dimension of a vocal assistant is a real challenge for the brand. On this media the interaction is exclusively sonic !

Find the right voice.

Voice is at the heart of brand-customer interaction.  Give your brand the right tone, style, and intonation to interact with its listeners.

Create an effective customer experience on your voicebot with a unique and personalized voice.

72% of regular users say that « Brands have to have their own voice and a unique personality»

Voicebots sonorisés.

Here's a demonstration of a sonic voice assistant. We took a fictional case of a donuts' seller with the famous Homer Simpsons.

Voicebot Homer

❌ Classic Experience

✔️ Sound Experience

Voice of Homer Simpson (.en) synthesized + audio logo.

Getasound turns your voice assistant into a real TV presenter.

Voicebot CTW News

✔️ Sound Experience

Voice of Alfred (.en) synthesized + audio logo & musical comma.

Voicebot Coach

✔️ Sound Experience

Voix – Off (Mickael Dubois) + logo sonore & musical comma.

Disover the application
Getasound synthesizes the voice of M. Sarkozy to make a demo.

Synthetic Voice President

Voice of Nicolas Sarkozy synthesized (demo).

Create an unique experience

Audio Logo

Sonic Branding allows your brand to be identified and unique !

Brand Voice

The voice is an identity element of your brand, it’s your Vocal Identity.

Sound Design

A personalized sound design for a unique vocal experience.

They added sound design to their voicebots.

Getasound a conçu une sonorisation de l'assistant vocal du média Le Télégramme.

Listen to the latest news of Bretagne. Don’t miss out on the information thanks to the skill Télégramme!


Ceci est le logo de l'application vocale Coach Sportif.Your fitness coach in your living room, for free !  No excuse.


Getasound a conçu une sonorisation de l'assistant vocal du média Le Télégramme.Listen to the latest news of Sud Ouest in France. Don’t miss out on the information thanks to the skill Sud Ouest !


Maître Tempo is a vocal metronome for musicians to use during rehearsals. Stay in the rhythm !

A personalized offer for your voicebot ?