Creation of your ceremonial music

Extend the experience of your events with the creation of customized music, reflecting the image of your brand !

What is ceremonial music ?

It is original music created especially to add sound to your brand events (Convention, Conference, Seminar, Kick-off).

The music for events is often accompanied by several variations (Jingle, on-stage, musical comma) to cover and dynamize your entire event.

This events’ music is inspired by the brand image of the company or the event (values, objectives, targets).

A customized composition allowing to create a specific atmosphere and to unite the members of the event around a piece of common music.

  1. Evénement Sportif - Sud Ouest William R. 2:21
  2. Convention - Sud Ouest William R. 2:31
  3. Conférence - COV Luca M. 2:37
  4. Remise de Prix - Université de Bordeaux Gauthier Q. 0:36
  5. Remise de Prix - Université Laurent S. 0:34
  6. Remise de Prix - Université Luca M. 0:32
Ceremonial music to cover your events.

Why create music for events ?

Unite and create a link

Bring together and accentuate the cohesion of the members of the event with a common musical anthem.

Give rhythm to and boost the event

Filling silences, supporting rises on stage and speeches, giving rhythm to the transitions of the event.

Develop your brand image

Support the values of the company and/or the event with a specific sonic branding that will last.

How to add a sound to your events ?

Music for events to cover your speeches.


Back up speeches and announcements at your event with a jingle.

Ceremonial music to add a sound system to your events.

The event’s anthem

Enhance the identification of your event! Create a unique sound universe that will make it memorable.

Music for events to cover your award ceremonies.

Award Ceremony

Create a solemn atmosphere for your stage appearances and award ceremonies.

Ceremonial music to cover your events and make your transitions successful.


Ensure all transitions in your event with musical commas.

A ceremonial music to add a sound system to your events and cocktail.

Aperitif – Cocktail

Background music to add sound to your event’s casual moments.

Music for events to cover the teaser of your events.

After Movie

Make your event memorable with music to cover your After Movie video.

How to create music for events ?

Create your brief

Complete your creative brief in a few clicks and broadcast it on a network of +1000 composers.

Get multiple event tunes

Composers present their ideas, and you choose your favorite sound creation.

A team dedicated to your project

Our team supervises your project and secures the legal relations to guarantee the exclusivity and ownership of your creation.

Are you an agency ?

Propose the creation of personalized music to your customers to enrich your offers. Add audio-branding to your events’ services !