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How to launch a project ?

Visit the services page here or by clicking on the button « Launch a project ». 

Once you have selected one of our services, click on the button « Start » to start your project.


Then you have 2 choices : 


1) Create your project brief immediately

Fill in the 3 steps of the brief to launch your sound creation project.

As soon as you validate your order, a project manager will contact you to validate your brief and distribute your project to our composers.


2) Receive a personalized quotation

After filling in the requested information (Business name, Billing address, email), you receive your QUOTATION in your e-mail box to share it with your internal collaborators 

What's a brief ?

The brief is essential to launch your project. 

It consists of all the information about your brand, your musical preferences, and your musical tastes to define your sound creation project. 

This essential document not only allows you to find the most suitable creative for your needs but also to allow them to work in the best conditions.

The brief is then distributed to our composers, to help them understand your brand universe and compose original works. 

If your brief is not precise enough, don’t worry, our team will contact you to refine it !

Here is a  brief example on GETASOUND.

How to fill in my brief ?

One of our strengths in GETASOUND is to help you fill in a good brief. 

To know how to fill in your brief, we invite you to check our tutorial : Creative brief creation .

You can also call us on 06 61 00 51 85, a project manager will help you fill in the brief.

How to write a « good brief » ?

One of our strengths in GETASOUND is to help you to build a complete brief. 

To write a good brief, start by filling in the 3 steps of the brief of Getasound : 
 information on your brand, 
 your musical preferences, 
 and your musical tastes.

The Brand : The more information there is about your brand, its values, its history, and its customers, the easier it will be for composers to immerse themselves in your brand universe.

The musical preferences : These are all the artistic details that you wish to have in your sound creation. They allow you to define more precisely : the musical style, the instruments used, or the atmosphere of your work.

The Examples :  Choose among our examples the sound creations you prefer ! You can also suggest your examples by adding a link (youtube video/radio spot) or by uploading an audio file. These examples will help the musicians to understand your expectations and your musical tastes for your future creation.

For an upstream reflection on your brand, do not hesitate to consult our article : How to translate your brand into music ?  

If your brief is not precise enough, no worries, a project manager will contact you to refine it !

Here is a brief example on GETASOUND.

The more the brief is filled, the more precise the brief is ! 

Can I modify my brief ?

You can modify your brief as much as you can, as long as you didn’t « Confirm your order ».

Once your order is confirmed, a project manager will contact you to validate your brief. At this point, there will still be time to make the final changes to it !

Once the project is launched and the brief is distributed to our composers, you will not be able to modify it !

How to select my mock-up ?

You will receive several proposals from the composers. Listen to them all and select the one you like the most !

Each of the sound mock-ups is accompanied by an argument from the composer explaining his creative choice. 

You can also ask your internal collaborators or your close network for advice.

Our project manager will also be pleased to advise you on the choice of your final work.

How many changes can I make on a creation?

Once the work is selected, you can ask the composer for up to 3 modifications to finalize your sound creation.

Which payment method does GETASOUND offer ?

You can launch a project and confirm your order immediately.

A project manager will then contact you to confirm the brief and your project before proceeding with payment. 

Payment is made by bank transfer to the address indicated on the GETASOUND QUOTATION.

Can I cancel my order ?

You can cancel your order for free at any time, as long as it has not been communicated and distributed to our composers. 

Before any distribution and communication of your project to the composers, a project manager will contact you to validate your order and your brief.

This is also the time to make the payment by bank transfer.

If you cancel your order after your brief has been released to the composers, you will be refunded 50% of your payment.

How does satisfied or refunded work ?

You can request a refund of your order under 2 cumulative conditions :

1) None of the propositions made by the composers satisfies you,

2) None of the propositions respect the creative brief previously validated.

If these two conditions are met, you have the right to request a full refund of your order. 

The request must be accompanied by a justified email addressed to GETASOUND at the following address : juridique@getasound.com.

Can I work with a creative on my premises ?

Thanks to GETASOUND platform, you can work peacefully from a distance. No need to meet, we have thought of everything !


Do I have to pay ASCAP royalties?

It all depends on the composer !

If the composer is a member of the ASCAP, you are indebted to the ASCAP royalties.

If the composer is not a member of the ASCAP, you are not indebted to the ASCAP royalties.

You do not wish to pay ASCAP royalties ? 

We can select for you composers who are not members of the ASCAP for your project. This option is billed to compensate for the artist’s loss of earnings on royalties.

For more information, contact us at the address : commercial@getasound.com

Why do I have to pay the ASCAP ?

Some of our composers are members of copyrights management company (like the ASCAP). 

In this case, the work can be deposited at the SACEM by the composer and thus be subjected to a royalty related to the reproduction right and the right of representation of the work  (spectacles, television, radio, cinema, etc…).

Therefore you are indebted for the ASCAP royalty if the composer is a registered member of the ASCAP.

To know : the advertising campaigns on the Radio, Television, and Cinema channels already include the ASCAP royalties in their packages. This will not change anything for you !

For more information on the exploitation of the works, do not hesitate to consult the ASCAP site.

What rights do I have after creating my work?

When you choose an offer or a package on GETASOUND, the assigned property rights are displayed directly on the service in question.

To see the information on the rights granted, click on “More information”.

For further details on the media and the scope of distribution, click directly on the media in question.

See the image below  :

Affichage des droits de cession en fonction de l'offre choisie


For more information, we invite you to consult this document on rights and transfers.

Can I buy additional rights after my order ?

You have the possibility at any time to acquire additional exploitation rights on your musical creation.

This new transfer of property rights can be adjusted according to the medium and the scope of use.

We have already pre-negotiated prices for you concerning the transfer of additional property rights after your order, available here.

The prices have been negotiated with the composers through the General Conditions of Services.

To know : The set of transfers is included for the legal duration of protection of the copyrights provided by the code of the intellectual property.

For more information about purchasing additional rights for your work, contact us at : commercial@getasound.com

What Type of Contract is Established for my Musical Creation ?

It is a contract for the transfer of property rights.

The assignment contract is first made automatically between the composer and GETASOUND via the General Terms of Service. 

GETASOUND then grants you the property rights of the work via the General Terms and Conditions of Sales.

A certificate of transfer of property rights will be given to you at the end of your project on GETASOUND.

The Transfer Agreement and the Quotation generated at the time of your order contain the terms and conditions listed below :

 The exclusivity of the work for the client,
 Territories and scope of exploitation,
 Broadcasting media : Web, Telephone, Radio, etc…
 The exploitation duration is unlimited (limit of 70 years), for each medium acquired. 

For more information we invite you to check this document on transfer rights.

Is Getasound a Publisher of the Works ?

GETASOUND is not a publisher. We do not take publishing rights on the creations.

GETASOUND is a marketplace that connects Brands & Communication Agencies with a network of composers for sound creation projects.

Is the music registered as a CONTENT ID (Youtube)?

The Composers agree not to register the sound creations on the Youtube platform as a Content Id, as well as on any video or music streaming platform.

What is royalty-free music ?

We define the « royalty-free » music, as music that is not registered with a copyright management society (ASCAP, BMI, Pro Music Rights, etc..).

Artists choose to protect their rights by using special, non-exclusive licenses such as Creative Commons.

«Royalty-free» music doesn’t necessarily mean « free » or «free of all rights», but rather « some rights reserved».

Artists determine these permissions of use thanks to their license.

For more information, we invite you to read our article on Royalty-Free Music .

What is Creative Commons ?

Creative Commons offers free licenses allowing artists to protect their rights.

Easy to use and included in the web standards, these non-exclusive permissions allow rights holders to authorize the public to make certain uses, while having the possibility of reserving commercial exploitations, derived works or the degree of freedom (in the sense of free software).

Check their site : Creative Commons.

You want to know more ?

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